We have been able to draw up interactive family trees for many of the people we have included on the People pages or who have featured in the Places or Themes pages. These will often show where a person was born and give more information about their backgrounds. Many of the people and families we have researched are linked to each other by marriage. In some cases we have traced living descendants (although these are not named on the Ancestry trees).

If we have a family tree for an individual or family, this will be shown on the People, Places or Themes pages. The trees are located on the Ancestry.co.uk site. Our user name on Ancestry is EcclesOldRoad. Ancestry members with a subscription can see our public trees. These are also available free on the library editions of Ancestry.

If you don’t have a subscription to Ancestry you can still open a FREE registered guest account. Let us know via our contact form which tree(s) you would like to see. We can then send you a sharing link to your email address.